Interesting Facts of Giant Pandas
red pandared pandared panda
Although Giant Pandas live in the same area as Golden Monkeys, Wildebeests and the Lesser Panda, they can live in harmony together as they hunt for different food, creating individual spaces.
1. Golden Monkeys: A rare species in China known as Blonde Beauty in the Tree, the Golden Monkey mainly eats the young leaves and shoots of trees.
2. Wildebeests: Displaying group behaviour, the Wildebeests eat mostly plant sprouts, leaves, bark and various kinds of grass.
3. Lesser Pandas: Though bamboo is their staple food, Lesser Pandas eat different parts of the bamboo, same as the Giant Pandas. In autumn season, Giant Panda likes to eat bamboo leaves, while the Lesser Panda prefers wild fruit. Giant Panda eats leaves from higher branches while Lesser Panda eats those from lower branches.
4. Golden Pheasant: With a scientific name "Chrysolophus pictus", they are also neighbours of the wild Giant Pandas. Golden Pheasant is an attractive species unique to China with feathers in all seven colours of the rainbow match with each other. They are pet birds well-known to the world.
Last Update : 03/10/2018
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