An Introduction to Macao Giant Panda PavilionAn Introduction to Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

​Nestled against a hill side in Seac Pai Van Park in Coloane in a fan-shaped layout of about 3000m2, Macao Giant Panda Pavilion is designed to take advantage of combining the terrain's natural undulations with the architectural characteristics.

The pavilion comprises two 330m2 indoor activity quarters and a 600m2 outdoor yard for the inhabitation of the giant pandas and a 900m2 indoor exhibit area. Two viewing paths of different elevations align along the front edge of the fan-layout indoor activity area, accessible to two streams of visitors. Internal facilities include a logistic centre with panda dens, bamboo-washing and storage quarters, feed preparation room, feed warehouse, control centre and veterinarian clinic, etc.
The outlook of the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion is designed to mimic nature, e.g. the yard is enclosed in a rock wall with some built-in panda habitat features. The indoor exhibit area is under a translucent film roof that offers more natural light than electric lighting. The roof of the whole pavilion is fashioned in the shape of a seashell.

The viewing area in the indoor activity quarters features two viewing paths of different elevations accessible to two streams of visitors at a time, adding to the accommodating capacity of the pavilion. The outdoor yard, however, is the result of the all-in-one design concept and most of the trees previously grew here have been retained, allowing the giant pandas to enjoy themselves in an outdoor environment when weather condition permits. Visitors will be able to watch the activities of giant pandas through the toughened glass.
Major Supporting Facilities

To accompany the giant pandas’ arrival in the Seac Pai Van Park, the "Nature Education Centre", which was formerly used for dissemination of information about nature, is reconstructed as the "Macao Giant Panda Information Centre".
. The centre stretches across two floors - the ground floor is a multifunctional hall that may be used to host exhibitions and lectures, while the first floor is an exhibition hall surrounding giant panda themes, demonstrating the features, behaviors, body shapes, growth and habitats etc. of giant pandas in an engaging manner. Residents, particularly children, will be able to learn more about giant pandas through a host of games it offers and feel more strongly about the importance of conservation and environmental protection. 

Outside the park, there is the Macao Giant Panda Gift Shop, which is dedicated to selling gifts and souvenirs related to giant pandas. It offers a large collection of giant panda gifts for visiting residents and tourists to choose from, including soft toys, bags, clothes, stationery and household items, etc. With its wide range of themed merchandises, the gift shop is also expected to help project the image of the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion as a place uniquely dedicated to giant pandas. There will also be snack shops and cafes in the vicinity of the gift shop.

Last Update : 30/11/2018
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