Giant pandas offered to Macao by Central Government
The Macao SAR thanks the Central People’s Government for the conferment of national treasureThe Macao SAR thanks the Central People’s Government for the conferment of national treasureThe Macao SAR thanks the Central People’s Government for the conferment of national treasureThe Macao SAR thanks the Central People’s Government for the conferment of national treasureThe Macao SAR thanks the Central People’s Government for the conferment of national treasure
President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, during his visit to Macao for the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Macao’s return to the motherland, met with the Chief Executive of Macao, Chui Sai On, and said that the Central Government decided to offer a new pair of giant pandas to Macao.  President Xi also expressed that he hoped the giant pandas would grow healthily in Macao and bring joy to the Macao people.
All Macao residents are delighted that the Central Government has offered Macao another pair of giant pandas, and the good news they eagerly awaited has finally arrived. In April 2015, the “Task Force to Follow up Offer of Giant Pandas by the Central Government” visited Chengdu and held a working meeting with the Panel for Selection of Giant Pandas to be Presented to Macao by the Central Government. The Panel had conducted comprehensive study and assessment in five areas such as giant pandas’ age, physical health, behavioural and mental health, reproduction and genetic factors, and had shortlisted two most outstanding pairs from fifty five giant pandas that met the age criteria. They also gave information about the characters and genetic history, etc. of the four giant pandas during the meeting. After discussion by the delegation and the Panel, and visit in person the two shortlisted pairs of giant pandas, they eventually decided the female giant panda “Shurong” (Pedigree no. 667) and the male giant panda “Yalin” (Pedigree no. 726) to be presented to Macao. After confirmation of the selection, giant panda keepers were sent immediately to Chengdu to familiarise with “Shurong” and “Yalin”, and some bamboos from Southern China were transported to Chengdu for the giant pandas to taste, in preparation for their arrival in Macao.
In view of “Kai Kai” and “Xin Xin” being the names chosen for giant pandas by Macao residents, they are already very familiar and symbolic of conservation ambassadors. Furthermore, “Kai Kai” and “Xin Xin” are friendly and lovely, representing happiness and the good wish of Macao residents, as well as their gratefulness towards the Central Government offering giant pandas to Macao. Therefore, the new pair of giant pandas “Yalin” and “Shurong” will keep using the names “Kai Kai” and “Xin Xin”.
Upon arrival of “Kai Kai” and “Xin Xin” at Macao, they were isolated in the Oscar Farm for quarantine. Meanwhile, they started to adapt to the climate, food and the systematised operation in Macao. After the quarantine, “Kai Kai” and “Xin Xin” will officially reside in Macao Giant Panda Pavilion, and will meet Macao residents and tourists and shoulder their responsibility as animal conservation ambassadors.
According to the result of the 4th nationwide investigation of giant pandas, which was announced by the State Forestry Administration of the People’s Republic of China, at the end of 2013, there were 1864 wild giant pandas in the whole nation. Giant pandas and plenty of other wild animals are at the verge of extinction. Excessive exploitation of forests and bamboo forests has brought catastrophe to the habitats of giant pandas, so the giant pandas are forced to scatter, aggravating the difficulty for the mating of giant pandas, and eventually jeopardising the lives of giant pandas. To prevent giant pandas from  being hauled to the vortex of extinction, the conservation organisations have already initiated ex situ conservation and arranged the giant pandas to some amiable areas for giant pandas’ propagation. The ultimate goal of ex situ conservation is to let the animals return to their natural habitats for propagation after the environment has recovered to a suitable status.
Giant pandas are one of the umbrella species, which means when their   habitats are protected, other animals that live in the same area are also protected. Thus, the giant pandas are like a protection umbrella, safeguarding other species. As conservation ambassadors, giant pandas are now on their mission to promote animal conservation education in Macao. It is hoped that the public will extend their care and love from giant pandas to other animals, and become part of the momentum of animal conservation development.
Last Update : 15/07/2021
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