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Fact file on red panda
Red PandaScientific name: Ailurus fulgensClassification: Mammalia, Carnivora, AiluridaeAlias: Firefox, Red Cat-bearDistribution: Bamboo forests in mountainous areas in Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet in China, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. Eating Habits: Bamboo leaves as staple diet, also feeding on fruitsConservation grade: Class II protected species in China     Listed on Appendix I of CITES     Classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List
Red panda with extraordinary skills
Besides the five toes on the forefoot, a red panda also has a “pseudo-thumb” on it which can be used as the 6th toe to grasp things. The soles of a red panda are covered with hair, which prevent it from falling down when climbing trees.
Usage of its long tail
A red panda has body length of about 60cm and a fluffy and powerful tail of about 50cm. While sleeping, a red panda rolls itself tightly into a ball and puts the tail around its neck to protect against coldness. The tail also helps it to keep balance while climbing.
Red Panda Events
Giant pandas and red pandas share the similarity that despite being carnivorans, they feed on bamboos as ...
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